• Inside Your Home

    Control all household pests Safely, Effectively and Affordably

  • Pet Care Products for Fleas & Ticks

    Protect your pets from fleas and ticks. They’re counting on you.

  • Lawn and Garden Care

    Have a beautiful lawn and landscape and prevent lawn pests from destroying your lawn so your family can enjoy it!

  • Application Equipment

    We carry only the best application equipment. Every job is easier with the right equipment!

Service Excellence

Customer service is always number one at the Pest Control General Store. We value your business.


Always maintaining the highest professional advice with all customers. State Certified CPO.


Providing customers with straightforward answers and honest solutions. No gimmicks, no sales pitches.


Providing the most cost efficient products without ever sacrificing quality. Our products work.

Dedicated to ALL your pest control needs, Inside and Out!

Pest Control General Store was founded in December of 1987 and has been at the same location for over 29 years. Owner Peter Giordano’s knowledge and expertise has provided  homeowners and businesses  that wanted/needed  to reduce expenses by doing their own pest control and lawn care everything they need, from the Professional-Strength Product to the equipment and, most importantly, the expert advice on doing the job SAFELY and Effectively, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional company.  His knowledge also appeals to industry professionals who need advice from someone who is “on top of their game.” Peter started the very first Do It Yourself Pest Control retail store in the Tampa Bay area of Florida some 33 years ago and worked in the Service Industry for many years prior to “retiring his sprayer” and  opening the retail outlet dedicated to educating homeowners and businesses to do their own pest control using professional products  and having the benefit of being advised and consulted by a professional.

Peter’s wife and co-owner, Mona Giordano, followed suit and received her State of Florida Certified Pest Control Operator’s Certification about 25 years ago, and together they have over 55  years of combined experience in the pest control field. Mona is a teacher at heart, and loves sharing her knowledge with people who have become frustrated by wasting their time and money on products that don’t work, purchased from people who don’t have the proper training to give sound and informed advice, with products they can’t even pronounce! She’s the “PR” part of the team and enjoys doing educational seminars for the community and the public school system. She hosted a live call-in radio and television show for 7 years called “The Home and Lawn Pest Control Show” and many still recall the fun and informative shows (especially the game portion; Name That Bug!” where they won great prizes)

Together, they are an unbeatable team. You can count on the Professionals at Pest Control General Store for ALL your Pest Control and Lawn & Garden Needs. 

Inside The Home

You CAN Safely control ALL the pests in your home or business. Ask Us how, then Do It Yourself. You will get SAFE and  Effective results at affordable prices!

Pet Care Products

Effective flea and tick control involves treating inside, outside and the pet (if you have one). If you eliminate any one of these areas you are fighting a losing battle.

Lawn and Garden Care

Having a beautiful lawn and garden in Florida IS POSSIBLE. You can do it yourself and save . . . we’ll show you how! Bugs to Fungus to Fertilizer–we’ve got you covered.

Application Equipment

We carry a complete line of top quality, professional equipment to make your pest control application more effective. Every job is easier with the right equipment!