1.0 gallon Multi-purpose sprayer for Herbicides, Pesticides, Fertilizers and General Cleaning

    •  Anti-clog Filter
    • Translucent Tank
    • Ergonomic pump handle
    • Funnel top for easy filling

General Information

We proudly recommend and carry only one brand of Compressed Air (pump-up) sprayers. In our 33 years of selling supplies and equipment, we have had many different brands and the result was always the same. The seals and gaskets on the sprayers would eventually (sometimes sooner than later) wear out and were not available to be replaced. As a result, our customers had to buy another sprayer. And such is the case on most all of the sprayers in the discount chain stores and building supply warehouses. If you buy an inexpensive sprayer to accomplish the job at hand and it breaks or “blows a gasket” you have to buy another inexpensive sprayer, and then another, and another….you get the idea. That is not the case with OUR sprayers. They, too, are inexpensive, but, ALL OF THE SEALS AND GASKETS ARE REPLACEABLE thereby making your initial sprayer purchase go the distance.

All sprayers end equipment should be cared for properly to give them longer use life. Such things as NOT storing them with chemical inside, RINSING them out after each use and being sure that no chemical is trapped inside the wand when stored are common sense rules that should always be followed. That along with the safety measure of ALWAYS USING UP MIXED CHEMICAL AND RINSE WATER IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LABEL INSTRUCTIONS will ensure that not only your sprayer will be protected, but more importantly, You, Your Family and the Environment will as well.

As an important side note:

*You should never use chlorine products or other caustic materials in your Pest Control Sprayer. These types of materials will destroy sprayers and you should expect that they will need to be discarded after using for these types of chemicals after just a few usages.

* You should have a designated sprayer for weed control products (Herbicides) and they should never be used to apply other chemicals inside the home OR in the yard. Period.

* Always test and practice your sprayer with water to get comfortable with the spray patterns, pressure and various applications. Once you feel confident…arm it with chemical and HAVE A SAFE SPRAY!

We hope this little “Sprayer 101 Lesson” is helpful. No matter what brand you currently have it will extend it’s life and if you purchase from  us, your sprayer will be one that you can count on for many years.


This type of sprayer would be used for treating inside your home, around the outside perimeter and other spot applications inside (and out) They are used when the product you are using is a Concentrate that is mixed with water and applied to specific areas for specific pests.

If thoroughly rinsed, you may use it for watering plants as well (never if you’ve used it for weed killers) for other types of application, including, but not limited to: fungicides, liquid fertilizers for plants, as well as some cleaning chemicals (non-chlorine).

Ask us for our recommendation for your specific pest control needs. We will happily identify your pest, recommend the proper solution(s) and give you Expert In-Detail Instructions to accomplish the job SAFELY and Effectively.

**Always read and follow manufacturer’s labels and directions.