General Information

Some insect pests and fungus diseases can damage lawns and gardens over night. They can cause grasses to turn brown and die and ornamentals to wilt, or worse yet, be defoliated by chewing worms and caterpillars. They can also damage vegetables and fruit, and in some cases completely ruin your nearly ripe crop.

Other insect pests live in lawns and gardens but don’t cause damage to the lawns or plants, but instead annoy and bite us, our children and our pets! Examples of these would include, but are not limited to; fleas, ticks, mosquitos, fire ants and more! Many of these pests can transmit disease and other’s bites can lead to secondary problems such as tape worms in pets or skin rashes, secondary infections and in some cases, even death.

Lawn and garden pests can be controlled by specially formulated insecticides, many available in a liquid concentrate that is mixed with water and applied to your lawn, landscape plants or fruit and vegetable plants and trees **.  Some applications are best applied in a compressed air (pump-up) sprayer while others are better applied in a hose-end sprayer to cover larger areas without having to mix up gallon after gallon.

We carry a complete line of SAFE  lawn and garden insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers which you can efficiently apply yourself and get professional results. We eliminate the guess work and provide you with all of the information you need to get the job done right.

As with anything, every job is easier when done with the proper equipment. We proudly recommend and stock ONE indoor and outdoor sprayers. We’ve found them to be consistently excellent, and all of the replacement seals and gaskets are readily available, making them even more cost effective since  you don’t have to keep buying replacement sprayers.

None of our “Bug Kits” contain Compressed Air or Hose End Sprayers as you may already have the needed equipment, but if not, we offer them separately for your convenience.

**Always read and follow manufacturer’s labels and directions.