You CAN control FLEAS in your home, yard, on your pet and at your place of business! Ask us how… Then do it yourself.

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General Information

Fleas are pests that are found throughout the United States. These blood-sucking vectors are not only annoying, the can cause secondary infections from their bites and many other health issues in your pets, such as tapeworm and infection from scratching the bites and irritated areas on their skin.

YOU DON’T EVEN NEED TO BE A PET OWNER TO EXPERIENCE A FLEA INFESTATION in your home or yard! While you may not have a cat or dog, or if you do, they may not even step foot outside of your home, there are birds, squirrels, other people’s pets and other wildlife that visit your yard, so the fleas are out there. Trust me. All you have to do is walk outside and YOUR warm blood and body heat is all it takes for them to “hitch a ride” on you or your clothing and BAM—their in!

Kinds of Fleas

The type of flea you may encounter really doesn’t matter. Yes, there are many different species, but their hunger for blood is universal. The fleas we most often encounter here in the United States is the Cat Flea. Many people call them sand fleas or other names, but the fact is; a flea is a flea is a flea! You don’t want them living in your little corner of the world. Period.

Life Cycle

The cat flea life cycle is one of complete metamorphosis, involving the stages of an egg, larva, pupa, and adult. This cycle usually lasts 30 to 75 days, yet may vary due to external factors, such as temperature and humidity. The pupal stage may lay dormant in your home for up to a year! So “scratch” the idea of setting off bombs before leaving for vacation to come home to a flea-free home! (Pun intended) There are conditions that MUST be met for the flea life cycle to complete:

  1. Atmospheric condition changes (door opening and closing, A/C turning on and off, etc.)
  2. Carbon Dioxide (people breathing and talking, dogs panting, etc.)
  3. Body Heat (Yours, your pet’s, makes no difference to the hungry flea!)

If all three of these conditions are NOT MET, the fleas stays in it’s warm, comfy, food filled cocoon until they are. Again, this can be for up to a year. So…. You walk in the door from vacation and BOOM- fleas are hatching like popcorn- why? Because the moment you walked in the door, you met all three conditions by opening the door, breathing and talking and of course, being warm blood!

Where to Look for Fleas

You don’t have to look for fleas. Don’t you worry, they WILL FIND YOU when they’re hungry. Now, if you want to do an experiment to see if you have fleas, you can wear white socks throughout the house or yard and you’ll see them soon enough. Fleas are nearly blind so they are attracted to the “lightness” of the white socks, and, you are warm blooded so you’re a natural target. The other thing you can do, if you suspect they are in your home, is to: Take a shallow bowl or pan of water and add a little liquid dish soap. Put it on the carpet and put a small desk light over the top of the bowl. If there are fleas present, they will jump towards the warmth of the light, fall into the bowl of soapy water and you can see for yourself.

On a final note, it’s IMPERATIVE that you treat all three areas, inside, outside and the pet or you are fighting a loosing battle. Don’t worry. We can help. Check out the Indoor Flea Kit, The Outdoor Flea Kit and the Pet Care products. NO MORE FLEAS!!

*Always read and follow manufacturer’s labels and directions.