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General Information

There are SO many different species of spiders, and honestly, MOST of them are what we would consider beneficial insects. The problem is, there are a handful of spiders that can seriously harm you! Spiders are found throughout the United States and the world. They are intimidating and abundant, but again, for the most part they are the “good guys” as they help keep many insect populations under control. You might call them “Natural Pesticides” of sorts!

Kinds of Spiders

The kinds of spiders most commonly found in and around Florida homes are very numerous, but the three that are noteworthy are: The Brown Recluse, the Black Widow and the Brown Widow. While ALL spiders bite, these three can cause you extreme pain, health issues, and in some cases, death!!

Life Cycle

Most web-spinning spiders build and abandon several webs per year. The webs are produced by glands on the spider’s abdomen. The silk is a liquid protein that is shaped into various configurations by the spider’s appendages as it is excreted. Silk is used to construct webs, safety lines, shelters, and egg sacs. A special type of silk is sometimes used as a parachute by spiderlings for dispersal or adults to travel long distances.

Spiders reproduce by laying eggs in a silken egg sac. The egg sac is either carried around by the female or hidden in the web. Egg sacs of large spiders may contain several hundred eggs. The eggs hatch in about two to three weeks after they are deposited. Most young spiders mature to adults in about one year. Male and female spiders live separately and only come together to mate. Males are usually smaller and color-marked differently from females.

Where to Look for Spiders

Some Spiders hide in dark, sheltered places during the day and come out to feed at night. Others may be found in the daytime, especially those that are living outside and spinning webs between branches of trees. Indoors they may be found under the kitchen or bathroom sinks or in cracks around or underneath cupboards, cabinets and dressers or furniture (especially in the upper corners), behind drawers, around pipes or conduits (where they pass along the wall or go through it), behind windows or door frames, behind loose baseboards or molding strips, on the underside of tables and chairs, in the bathroom, and in radio and TV cabinets as well as well.


Brown Recluse, Brown and Black Widows are famous for hiding in dark, reclusive areas such as in boots and shoes that have not been worn in some time, and under lawn furniture, etc. Always use caution when reaching into a place that has been undisturbed for a while. And…if you happen upon a spider and are unsure as to whether it is harmful or not, grab some hairspray and shoot them with that!! The laquer in the spray will “freeze” them in mid-walk and you can take a closer look without risking a potentially harmful bite.


*Always read and follow manufacturer’s labels and directions.