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General Information

Fire ants were accidentally introduced into the US in the 1930s. They can be found throughout the southeastern states. They are aggressive when disturbed and will defensively attack anything that disturbs their mounds or food sources. Fire ants actually us their “mandibles” (mouth parts which have 4 distinct teeth) to hold your skin in place so they can lower their stinger into your skin! So you are actually being bitten AND stung, but it is the sting that is painful and produces the white pustules that form about then next day. It is quite painful to humans and often leads to infection or in the case of someone who is allergic to the venom, may cause them to go into anaphylactic shock. Fatalities have been reported. This is a dangerous pest and one ant you cannot afford to have living in your yard or home!

Most people don’t realize the devastating effect of fire ants on other insects, reptiles, birds and small mammals and humans. Fire ants are dangerous and need to be controlled.

We can provide you with the weapons to control these pests from your yard.** As with most ants, you will NOT want to use an insecticide in the beginning, but MUST use a “bait” to put the queen(s) out of production and then follow up with an insecticide to KEEP them under control.

As a side note; there is another stinging ant of importance, the Florida Harvester Ant, which is not quite as commonly found, but delivers an intensely painful sting if they are disturbed. Thankfully, they are not near as aggressive as the Fire Ant, but are often mistaken for the them. We can help you control both of these stinging pests successfully.

This job can be done yourself when you are armed with the right products and more importantly, the Expert advice we can give you. Don’t waste your time and money on retail products that don’t work and ultimately end up making the problem worse in the long run. You can count on us!

**Always read and follow manufacturer’s labels and directions.