Protecting your dog or cat from fleas and ticks is an important part of responsible pet care. But it’s not easy. The fleas and ticks on your dog or cat are only a small percentage of the number in the animal’s environment. Fleas and their eggs can live outside in grass, soil and even crevices in sidewalks, while inside they live in rugs and carpets, cracks in floors, dust on baseboards, area rugs, throw rugs, bedding, etc.

Effective control of fleas and ticks is always going to involve three areas; 1) Inside the home 2) Outside in the yard and 3) On the pet. If you eliminate any one of these areas, you are fighting a loosing battle. 

For the health and safety of your pet, please follow these simple steps to prevent any potential problems:

*Talk to your veterinarian first. Many dogs and cats are sensitive or allergic to chemicals including the topical “spot-on” treatments. Don’t put your pet at risk. This is NOT to say that you have to purchase the products from the Vet, just that you need to make sure you are not putting them in harms way.

*Learn about the health concerns regarding some ingredients. Cats are especially sensitive to some ingredients.

*Never use dog treatments on cats, and vice versa.

*Always be certain of your pet’s weight before purchase to ensure proper dosage.

*Don’t split one “large dog” dose in half for two small dogs (or combine two “small dog” doses for one large dog).

*Read and follow all instructions when using these products.**

*Do not use these products on elderly or pregnant animals.

As we mentioned above. There are other areas that need to be treated to eliminate fleas and ticks from your pets environment. Be sure to see the Flea and Tick Pages to learn about our recommendation for the home and yard. We always recommend products that will be SAFE and Effective, and in most cases, you will only need to treat 3-4 times per year to keep your home, yard and pet Flea-Free.

You can count on the Professionals at PEST CONTROL GENERAL STORE to provide you with the finest quality Professional-Strength products, and more importantly, the Expert advice needed to obtain SAFE and Effective results.

**Always read and follow manufacturer’s labels and directions.