Fleas and Ticks

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SAFE and Effective Flea and Tick Control

If we’ve heard it once we’ve heard it a million times, “I’ve set off bombs, I’ve used all kinds of sprays and wasted sooo much money and I still have fleas!” You know what we’re talking about. Your heading out for vacation and you think if I bomb before I leave, I’ll come back and the fleas will be gone . . . NOT! Instead, you come back home, open the door and the fleas are hatching like popcorn! And worse yet–they are starving (for your blood!)

General Information

Effective flea control involves treating inside, outside and the pet (if you have one).  If you eliminate any one of these you are fighting a loosing battle.

We recommend that you treat indoors with a product that contains both an “adulticide” for the jumping, biting stage AND something called and ” Insect Growth Regulator (IGR)”, to control the pre-adult stages. In essence its birth control for fleas. There are several options available, so we will go over this with you  when you come in or contact us via email. We will always go over the best choice for your situation, it may be a pressurized can or a liquid concentrate depending on your needs.

For outdoors we recommend using a professional strength “granular insecticide.” Again, we will choose the best one for your particular situation. This will last the longest and will also control ticks, chinch bugs, ants and other pests in your yard. Liquid products are also available, but your residual will not be as long, meaning you will have to treat more often.

For the pet we recommend using a veterinarian approved  topical spot-on (available here) applied once per month OR, if you prefer we also carry Dip concentrates or Professional Dog and Cat Sprays that contain the IGR’s mentioned above. **

At Pest Control General Store SAFETY is of utmost concern. You can be confident that the recommendations we make will provide SAFE and professional results while keeping your family, your pets and the environment unharmed.

We have a State Certified Pest Control Operator on staff–We are NOT sales clerks. You will get the proper products for the proper insect(s) and be instructed precisely how and where to use them for the finest results. The products that we sell ARE NOT THE SAME as the products you are going to find in the discount-chain-stores, and the advice and instruction stand alone, even within the do-it-youself pest control store marketplace…both, brick and mortar and online. We have earned the reputation of “Experts in the Field” by our Customers and Peers alike. You can count on us.

**Always read and follow manufacturer’s labels and directions.