So…I’ve been struggling with trying to learn how to BLOG, Tweet, Pin, Post, Link, etc., etc., and I have been completely OVERWHELMED by it ALL!  It seems like I’ve had an identity crisis going on within.  I am an entrepreneur to the max and I wear so many hats that I could never decide which business (or ministry) that I wanted to do all of the Social Media on? Truth is, I wanted to do it on ALL of them and I’ve learned that it just isn’t possible with my crazy-busy schedule.

So here’s what I do–who I am; I am a State Certified Pest Control Operator, and Retail Store Owner/Operator. This business is called Pest Control General Store and we (my husband, Peter and myself) have been “doin bugs” for the past 26 years, at this location and about 30+ years total. (okay, now you know I’m no spring chicken.)  We are experts in our field and what we do is teach homeowners and businesses how to DO THEIR OWN PEST CONTROL IN HOMES, BUSINESSES, LAWNS AND PETS using the professional strength products and tools or our trade so the results are not only effective, but, more importantly, SAFE for the applicator, children and pets (as well as the environment). Please visit our FB page Pest Control General Store and visit our (going to be totally re-done) website at


Another one of the hats I wear is that of a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant. I am a “Bag Lady!”of sorts. This is one of my more entertaining jobs as every time I go to work, I end up at a party! LOL This is a direct sales position selling purses and totes, accessories, home organizational items, etc. and I just love it!! If you’re wondering what it is, go to: and check out the fun and functional products!!


 When I’m not busy doing one of those, you can find me Doing a vendor event or expo with my sideline business “Inspirational BLING!” This one kind of came about as an extension of a Coffee Church I used to have called The Coffee Spot House of Praise (a non-denominational church, cleverly disguised as a coffee shop) anyway, I sold costume jewelry that was affordable and really cute, while being a positive witness by the wearer. It is  Crosses and Bible Verses on necklaces, bracelets, phone charms, etc. It just caught on and women LOVE IT, so I kept doing it even when the Coffee Spot closed. (The reason it closed is because I nearly died and had to have a liver transplant back in October of 2010. That’s another BLOG in itself!)


If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a Christian and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ!! This is my very favorite thing that I do out of all of them! I am a singer/songwriter, the women’s ministry director at my church and sold-out believer. In that role, I lead Women’s Bible Studies, Sing on the Praise Team and hopefully lead people into the arms of Jesus by the way I live my life. It IS, afterall, about the walk and not the talk!


I’m also a wife, mother of 3 (Mike, Lauren and Chris) and grandmother of 2 wonderful boys (Trevin and Travis ages 6 and 2, respectively. Yes, life is busy, but it is GOOD! 

Well, there you go. This is just my way of letting you know just a little about me. Who I am, what I do, What I’m passionate about in my life each and every day. If you would like to know more, I am more than happy to share. Just contact me and we’ll chat (or text or tweet, or….) If you are curious about the Liver transplant, go to You Tube and check out Mona Giordano: Miracles Still Happen. That pretty much shows it all in about a 3-minute song! 

I love Jesus, I love my life, I love my family and the many hats I wear! FYI, I’ve decided that I need to direct my attention to the Pest Control General Store ( as far as the BLOGS and Tweets and Posts go. I’m going to see if I can make myself “relevant” organically (is that the right term? I’ve so much to learn!) and if I fare well–who knows, maybe I’ll start another business teaching Social Media to people like myself that have had their heads buried in the sand only to wake up and find that it’s a must do or you’ll surely not survice kinda-thing!

Until next time, when I get back on topic–Have a Safe Spray and Be Blessed!

Mona Giordano


A photo shoot of my youngest son and I when we recorded our CD “DEVOTION” by The Giordano’s


PEST CONTROL: To Do (It Myself) or not to do (it Myself) that is the question?

The Florida Bug ExpertMona Giordano, CPO

The Florida Bug Expert
Mona Giordano, CPO

So many people are trying to do their own pest control these days. Most of them (sadly) have had to resort to that because of the economy. However, I am here to tell you that Doing Your Own Pest Control is an amazingly smart idea! Not only can you save a ton of money, you will actually get better results, in most cases, because it’s your home and you will take more care and can monitor more closely (you also don’t have to be at the Jones’s in 15 minutes for your next appointment and scrimp on the chemical because you spilled it at the last job!).  Now I’m-a not-a talkin bout attempting to do the job with over-the-counter products applied haphazardly in places they have no business being. I’m talking about using Professional Pesticides under the direct instruction of a Certified Pest Control Operator (and their staff of trained professionals).  You see, that’s what I do. I instruct homeowners and businesses how to do the job SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY.

My name is Mona Giordano, and I am a State Certified Pest Control Operator AND the co-owner (with my husband, Peter) of the Pest Control General Store located in Holiday, Florida.

In Florida, we have bugs, we breed bugs!! Partially due to the fact that we have a sub-tropical climate and partially because we are such a transient state. We have cargo ships coming into port from all over the world–and many of them are bringing along some unwelcome guests. You know the ones I mean…BED BUGS, Ants, and a wide range of other insect pests that we once had under control in this country, but because we are “global” they are back–and back with a vengeance!

Okay, perhaps you don’t have a local Certified Pest Control Operator or a Do-Your-Own Pest Control store down the block. What are you to do? Easy. Send us a bug (on clear scotch tape, and mark the outside of the envelope “HAND CANCEL” so the critter does not get squashed!) And WE will identify the insect AND recommend exactly the right products and the Professional Instructions on how you can get the job done! We’ll wrap it up and ship it out, complete with in detail instructions and our contact info in case you need to talk to us personally.

If you suspect you are having a BED BUG problem–NO PROBLEM! We can help!! Our primary concern will always be on the safety of you, your family, children, pets and of course, the environment.

In most cases (not in the case of Drywood Termites that require a “tent fumigation” performed with lethal gases) and most states (except California, New York and a few others) you are legally allowed to purchase our products and apply them yourself and I promise you, you WILL GET THE RESULTS YOU ARE DESPERATELY NEEDING!

Just ask us how, then do the job yourself.

You can contact me, Mona Giordano, at (727) 942-7412 / I will be happy to help!