BED BUG ALERT (and other interesting facts!

Public Enemy #1

Public Enemy #1

Wow! When I wrote my first blog about this topic last year it was a growing problem, but now…it is becoming a world-wide epidemic! I knew it was coming…just a matter of time, and the time is NOW. I live and work in the Tampa Bay Area in Florida, and I’m not sure what’s going on in your little corner of the world, but here–it’s getting to be a HUGE problem. In my summtaion, being in the pest control industry, the public transportation, laundromats, movie theatres, hotel/motel industry, schools, dorms, daycare centers and even retail stores (particularly thrift and resale types) are the main culprits in the quickly spreading problem. Think about it, who is thinking about not putting their purse (shout out for Thirty-One, here! I’m a Senior Consultant) out of sight or on a booth or chair while eating or shopping? Or whow often do you check the cab (especially in the trunk where your bags are being put) for signs of an active infestation of bed bugs? This is just not what we are acustomed to doing in our daily lives! And then there’s the daycares/schools and dorms our children are at…and the list goes on an on and on…

The University of Florida’s (Gator-Done!), Dr. Phil Koehler (Entomology and Nematology Department) is on top of his game in gaining information about this home and property-destroying, emotionally-devastating, hotel/motel-nightmare and cab driver’s worst fear (and by far biggest culprit in transporting them from place to place). He is continually studying, experimenting and analyzing products and devices to get this blood-sucker under control. Go “Dr. Phil!”

Here are a few interesting facts for you…

Once a female has had a blood meal and mated she lays about 3 eggs per day (200-500 in her 6-18 month lifetime.  They feed about once a week and hide in cracks and crevices the rest of the time until it’s time to eat and mate again.) Interestingly, the females tend to prefer harboring with other females, because they try to avoid being “over-mated” (if you know what I mean…”not tonight honey, I have a headache”)

Bed bugs prefer human blood, but if unavailable, will feel on poultry, dogs, cats, bats, rodents, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and ferrets.

They feed usually between midnight and dawn and feed for about 10 minutes to get a full blood meal. if you move and feeding is interrupted, they will continue in the next available space leaving a tell tale “row” of bites.

They are hitchhikers and can be found not only in and around beds, your favorite armchair, beanbag chair, children’s toys, anyones clothing and  everyones’s belongings. They do not discriminate; rich, poor, young, old, clean, dirty…(You are not safe anywhere!)

When bed bugs first hatch, they are so small (approx 1mm) and so transparent (unless full of your blood) it’s doubtful you will know they are there for some time. By the time they are discovered you usually have a full blown infestation.

This is a pest that not only destroys your belongings, but also your emotional well being and your finances! The over-the-counter remedies are just NOT WORKING and to have this pest professionally controlled, is off-the-hook expensive (typically around $3oo+ per room). Honestly folks, even doing this yourself is not cheap (around $125 to get started if you already have a pump-up sprayer) and this job requires diligence on your part, big time! You will be using a combination of products (liquids, dust, aerosol and an IGR, which is, simply put, birth control for bed bugs) ALL of these things and a few professional tricks of the trade, so to speak are what is going to get the job done and NOTHING SHORT OF THAT WILL WORK. Oh, and don’t bother just throwing your bedding away or moving. That will not work either…if even one female is left behind or worse yet, moves with you, you are going to start all over again. It’s just a matter of time.

I have not told you all of this to freak you out. I have told you this to make you aware and to give you hope in a, what seems hopeless, situation. I AM a professional, Certified Pest Control Operator and I can help you. This is what I do. I know pest control. I know products. I know insect biology and I know that I can help you get through this.

These are just a few more tid-bits of information for you. If you suspect you have bed bugs GET ON IT RIGHT AWAY.  We can help. Call us at (727) 942-3551 or email me at   By the way…I’ve singled out this pest because it is such an enormous problem, but I can help you with any bug problem you have, inside or out. By contrast, #Roaches, #Ants, #Fleas, #Lice, #Rats are all a piece of cake for a homeowner or business (given the right products and information).

Be blessed and….Have a Safe Spray!

The Florida Bug ExpertMona Giordano, CPO

The Florida Bug Expert
Mona Giordano, CPO


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